Networks that work: the S-UBG partner network.

For more than a decade, PIN – Partner im Netzwerk e.V. – has been organising events for owners and employees from its member companies, ranging from coaching sessions and workshops to seminars. The PIN membership base comprises our portfolio companies, network partners and business relations who meet regularly to share knowledge and experience over and beyond company and sector borders. Diverse events relating to sport, culture and lifestyle complete the programme of activities. Harald Heidemann, Dr. Bert Bosserhoff and Josef Esser head up the PIN network on a voluntary basis, while all PIN activities are planned and coordinated by Humberto Duarte and Sabine Biergans. You can find more details of events and activities in our PIN-NEWS section.



PIN Sommerevent “Köln von unten & von oben”

Sommer, Sonne, Dachterrasse. Wir freuen uns auf einen entspannten Nachmittag mit Cocktails, Barbecue, Sonnenuntergang & Musik  


PIN 1/2 Tagesworkshop “DEAL”

Verhandlungsführung mit Dr. Jack Nasher Jack Nasher ist Autor und Vortragsredner, sowie Professor für Führung und Organisation an der Munich Business School. Sein Interessensgebiet ist Wirtschaftspsychologie